Detox Treatment  (Starts at $40*)

Perfect for product-junkies with lackluster locks and lots of build-up.  This treatment will cleanse your hair follicle and scalp, leaving you with soft and shiny hair that is completely rejuvenated from root to end.

Pros: A delightfully tingly scalp and super touchable hai.

Cons: You'll want this treatment done once a day, but we recommend having it done only once a week.

Curly Girl Treatment (Starts at $40*)

For the curly girls who want frizz-free definition and gorgeous, curly locks!

Pros: Stunning curls with lots of bounce and shine.

Cons: Everyone you know will be jealous of your gorgeous curls and strangers will stop and stare at them- beware: some may even go so far as trying to touch them!

Thirsty Hair Hydrating Treatment (Starts at $40*)

Ideal for hair that feels dull, drab, and in need of a little pick-me-up.  Especially perfect for hair that has the Winter Blues.

Pros: Flyaway-reduced and frizz-free hair that is supple and shiny.

Cons: You may not recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.

Sensitive Scalp Treatment (Starts at $40*)

For all the sensitive folks with easily-irritated, dry and flaky scalps.  Celebrate your sensitivity and indulge in this soothing treatment to restore peace and balance to the very top of your head.

Pros: A hydrated scalp with fewer flakes and less irritation, allowing more hair to healthily grow and inspiring you to smile and wear black more frequently.

Cons: A slight tingling feeling that you may find distractingly refreshing.

Sun Addict Treatment (Starts at $40*)

Perfect for Beach Goddesses, outdoor sports fanatics, and anyone who is on a first-name basis with Vitamin D.  It's like sunscreen for your hair, complete with SPF. 

Pros: Protects hair from sun damage and restores hair that has already seen its share of UV rays.

Cons: With this secret-weapon against sun damage, you will now have to book a couple extra mid-winter vacations to tropical and sunny locales.

*These are starting prices. Exact fees are available at the time of service. Note: Blow dry is not include in these services; priced separately.

Everyone you know will be jealous of your gorgeous, healthy hair.
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